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BERG Safety pad Favorit 430

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The safety pad is essential to guarantee the safety of the trampoline. The thicker and the wider the safety pad is, the safer the trampoline is.

The Favorit safety pad is 38 cm wide. The wide overlap makes sure that the springs are covered in a safe way. This is why it is almost impossible to get stuck between the springs and furthemore, it softens the fall.
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Most important specifications

Breedte beschermrand 38 cm
Diameter 430 cm
Dikte beschermrand 10/20 mm
All specifications


Beschermrand 2 jaar

Technical specifications

BERG Safety pad Favorit 430
Breedte van de beschermrand
Breedte beschermrand
38 cm
Diameter van de beschermrand
430 cm
Dikte van de beschermrand
Dikte beschermrand
10/20 mm
Kleur van de beschermrand.
Type vulling van de beschermrand is closed-cel-foam
Type vulling beschermrand closed-cell-foam


BERG Safety pad Favorit 430
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2 jaar
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